Muslim-friendly Taipei

The allure of Taipei, a technology-driven modern city that preserves the integrity of ancient Chinese cultural and artistic heirlooms, has achieved harmony between new and old, humanity and nature.

From historic sites, cultural artifacts, eco-tour packages and a robust infrastructure, to leisure amenities, Taipei is a statement of a vibrant capital city. While its impressive number of world-caliber restaurants are ready to wow your tastebuds, Taipei’s night markets satisfy even the pickiest foodie while encapsulating the multi-faceted Taiwanese lifestyle.

Just a short drive away from lush forests and nourishing hot springs, the mountain-hugged Taipei Basin is lined with mountain trails and parks that offer watery fun or a bike tour along the riverside, ideal for family jaunts and romantic dates alike!

With public transport services, tourism solutions and travel information all interwoven into a complete network, Taipei makes travelling easy and friendly. It is also heading towards creating a Muslim-friendly environment with various halal-certified eateries to ensure a full-service getaway for all, regardless of religion. Whether you consider a long or short stay in Taipei, the City’s diversified cultural landscape will surely make it unforgettable.

Visit Taipei now and experience its future-proof, and historic dazzles!