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Khách sạn Le Méridien, Đài Bắc 台北寒舍艾美酒店

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No.38, Songren Rd., Khu Tín Nghĩa, Thành phố Đài Bắc Taiwan

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4.5 728 bài bình luận Tôi muốn bình luận

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  • Travelwellhk

    Hong Kong, China

    Loại hình du khách:

    De negocios

    Central location with all the modern amenities


    The hotel has a good location and is located near Taipei 101. The room is large with many modern facilities including multiple USB ports beside the bed. The breakfast buffet has an excellent selection of western and Chinese food. The staff service is prompt and friendly.
  • 3musketeers24

    Mission Viejo, California

    Loại hình du khách:

    De negocios

    Great location, clean, quiet, good services, most of the staffs are great except 1 - Doorman


    - The goods: * Location, clean, quiet, comfortable, good services and friendly staffs, EXCEPT the daytime doorman. - The BAD: * I would have given a 4 or 5 star rating but the attitude of that one daytime doorman left a very bad taste and impression for a long time. - I am not sure why this guy has this job when he would be to be the first person the guests would see and be greeted. If you do not like this line of work, find something else. No one force him to work. His attitude was very rude! He acts like he is the GM or owner of the hotel and just standing out in the doorway to watch people come and go for fun... I stayed there for 6 days and of the 3 days I have the same driver waiting to pick me up in the morning. The doorman asked me in a very condescending, loud and rude tone, "Is this your car?" while pointing at my face. It's like I am bothering him as I walked to the care. He is basically telling me to get out of his way as I walked toward the car to get in. It was raining and he just stood there giving me a dirty look. He also told my the driver to go find a parking on the street if he wants to wait for me. Yes, i was running late about 5min. While there were other nice fancy cars parked there, without a beep from him. I was on a very important conference call, therefore I could not stop and confront him of his behaviour. I did contact the front desk Manager after my conference call to report the situation. I was told he did inform that staff of the issue/concern. I am not sure that happen or not but his attitude did not change that date. Just b/c of this, I am not sure I would recommed any of my colleagues to stay here or even coming back here. I am a lifetime titanium elite member and has never seen such poor training to a staff that would provide the first impression of the hotel services to the guests. I have stayed here multiple times in the past and alwasy loved going back if there is an opportunity. However, with a personel such as this, I would rather staying at the W or the new Marriott hotel in Neihu. Lounge - happy hours foods felt short big time. The other hotels such as Marriott or Sheraton are so much better. I recommend management revisit this and consider improvement. It would rate 5/10 comparing to the other hotel nearby.
  • lacrymac

    Hong Kong, China

    Loại hình du khách:

    De negocios

    An ad-hoc stay


    When I suddenly need to extend my stay in Taipei, I think of Le Meridien. It is the member of Marriott Group. This hotel is sitting at the central business district and you will find it near several international bank and Taipei 101. I have heard that this hotel is already 10 years old. I still fell comfort to stay at the hotel lobby. I also think the decoration is fit and in low profile. Sadly the room does not equip a bathtub for its baseline room. I really disappointed with this set-up. I expect Le Meridien, as a Premium Class in Marriott Group, should treat this facility as an essential set-up. More importantly, the room is a bit ageing. I found the wood furniture is sticky. The hotel should renovate its room in near future. In general, I appreciate its location and service. I also love the fruit in my room and the choco-pineapple cake. It was a nice visit.
  • Gau A




    這間應該是我在台灣近期最滿意的飯店了 生日入住由於是萬豪會員有升等到套房 雖然一開始有出現一點小小意外但是值班經理馬上來幫我解決 讓我感覺非常的溫暖貼心有回到家的感受 房間雖然因為飯店比較久了有點年紀感 但整體的擺設及舒適度然後是非常讓人眼睛為之一亮 至於行政酒廊的部分雖然比較小但是食物飲品去不含糊 整體來講覺得是對的起這價位的飯店
  • S G

    Hong Kong, China

    Loại hình du khách:

    En pareja

    Great location, comfortable bed


    Stayed at delux twin on 10th floor, facing the traffic (no noise) Pro - very comfortable bed. Best in all le meridian level hotels. Better than some 8 star hotels. Quality & mint condition sheets as well. - High ceiling makes room feels spacious - Very good location - great sound insulation Cons - not the best amenities ( we don’t usually use hotel amenities but even there soap is not a good quality! The cleaner didn’t bother to change for my whole 6 days of stay ) - there are always a wait for the slow elevator - they don’t have a good restaurant in house. But! If you have any issues, just talk to front desk. They are all very friendly and willing to solve the issues. Jimmy was one of the front desk member who was especially impressive. Overall, I was very impressed and I will come back.

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