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Khách sạn Rido 麗都大飯店

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No.11, Sec. 3, Xinyi Rd., Khu Đại An, Thành phố Đài Bắc Taiwan
Giá cả
NT$2,700 ~ NT$9,000

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Khách sạn 3 sao

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  • stazandgazer


    Loại hình du khách:

    En familia

    Excellent location with easy access to MRT


    Excellent location right next to the MRT station Da'an Park (R06) not to be confused with Da'an (R05). The room was comfortable although a bit small compared to several other locations we'd stayed in Taiwan. The beautiful Da'an Forest Park dubbed the Central Park in this area is right across the street. The staff was courteous and helpful. Every day for a few hours in the afternoon you could enjoy complimentary snacks and hot/cold drinks in the basement lounge. The plates of welcome snacks of fruits, local candies and milk tea packets were delightful. Note: The very first Michelin-starred Din Tai Fung was just a 5-minute walk away.
  • tomihidei

    Loại hình du khách:




    駅も近く、室内は広くてキレイ。 バスタブはジャグジーなのは最高! ただ、シャワーを浴びるとトイレの方まで濡れてしまうのが難点。 フルーツのサービスもありがたい。
  • Miguel C

    San Francisco, California

    Loại hình du khách:

    En pareja

    Great location by park and subway, free wash and dry.


    Great location by park and subway, free wash and dry. Great location by a huge forest park and subway. Our room has big window with complete forest view from above. Our room was very big. Friendly service. Decor is classic European old fashion style. Large daily breakfast buffet. Easy walk to all directions, subway fed doors down, 2 minutes walk. Excellent location and good price, we enjoyed our stay. The best part is the washer and dryer, FREE. We were able to wash and dry our laundry, instead of searching for a laundromat which is not close by.
  • jhyleung


    Loại hình du khách:




  • Praxeda A

    Aix En Provence

    Loại hình du khách:

    En familia

    A very good hotel for a long stay.


    We stayed almost three weeks in this hotel in European Luxury Room with two children. A room was very spacious with a separate hall where we could keep bogie, shoes etc. A bathroom was really big with a large shower and a big jacuzzi bath. Every day they were bringing us four bottles of mineral water and in afternoon fruit and little Taiwanese sweet snack. There is a possibility to do a washing, fee of charge. Even they give a washing powder in the reception without charging. The staff at the reception was exceptional in all sense. The cleaners ladies were very nice although don't speak English but we could pass our messages via reception to them. All the receptionists speak very good English. The breakfast was a real pleasure to see and to eat. All fresh, delicious, tasty. A big choice of Asiatic hot meals, vegetables, fresh fruits and three kinds of rice every day. Moreover they have also some bread, eggs and sausage and a hot ham, cereals etc. For three weeks we did not get bored or annoyed with the food because they really change it and you can see that they make effort to satisfy guests. We liked very much oolong tea and a coffee. They also were giving us some tea and coffee to our room where we had a kettle and a fridge. We were paying every day for a breakfast as we found out that financially it was more interesting to rent a room without a breakfast and pay it separately. The only thing which hotel could improve for guests comfort is to place a sofa in the lodge as there is nothing to sit down while waiting for taxi and while it gets very hot outside. Their air conditioning system was very efficient which is not a case of all buildings in Taipei we learnt. Another extra thing about this hotel is that they have every day fresh flowers in main lobby and on each floor there is a small bouquet of flowers. It gives a fabulous fresh scent in the hotel's corridors. The location of the hotel is EXCELLENT. Two min walking to a metro (not busy metro station). You can easy visit from this station all Taipei, so well connected. There is a great coffee place on the left hand side when you get out of a hotel and plenty of possibilities to eat in or take away. Daan Park which is opposite the hotel is extraordinary. It is much better that Botanic Garden. Biodiversity in this park is striking, every day you can observe different birds, butterflies etc. There are plenty of turtles and exotic plants, flowers and trees. People do thai-chi, falun-gong, play music instruments. You can observe in this park a life of Taiwanese people and their habits. There are plenty of toilets, water stations and amazing playground for children. A very relaxing, peaceful place. I highly recommend this hotel to everyone who wants to explore Taipei.

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