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Khách sạn Bayman 北門文旅

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No.3, Ln. 145, Chang’an W. Rd., Khu Đại Đồng, Thành phố Đài Bắc Taiwan
Giá cả
NT$2,000 ~ NT$8,000

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Khách sạn 2 sao

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  • juSS05

    Great staff - Emily was very helpful, especially.


    This is a lovely hotel and great value for money. It is in a good location, close to a night market and walking distance to fruit stalls and good transport links (I.e. Taipei main station). The front desk has great staff. Emily and her colleagues were very nice and helpful all the time and looked after me well, making recommendarions for sight seeing and food options and also helping with storing my luggage. Recommend if you need a good, well priced hotel. It’s also good value for money compared so some hostels if there are two people.
  • Wanderer804218


    Loại hình du khách:




  • hiron1234


    Loại hình du khách:




    GW中に2日泊まりました 台北駅徒歩5分の好立地に加え 広い部屋と清潔な館内、プレゼントしてくれる水のペットボトルで快適でした ショートカットの受付してくれた女性の親切さと丁寧さには心から感謝します 夜市からもすぐ近くです 本当にありがとうございました! また台湾に来たら泊まりたいです 注意点としては以下です ★場所がわかりにくいのでタクシーなどに乗って帰るときのためにホテルの名刺をもらっておくこと※グーグルマップでは分からない ★寝巻きやバスローブはない ★歯磨きやシャンプーはあるけどコンディショナーはない ★連泊する場合に希望するなら、掃除やシーツ交換はしっかりフロントに伝える
  • ukikusa




  • nigsandmary

    Sídney, Australia

    Loại hình du khách:

    En pareja

    Just great close to station


    We enjoyed a 4 day stay here and it was Boutique style hotel, wonderful staff convenient for bus and train travel. English cable TV channels close to local night market and restaurants. Will be staying again.

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