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Khách sạ Caesar Park, Đài Bắc 台北凱撒大飯店

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No.38, Chung Hxiao West Road, Sec.1, Khu Trung Chính, Thành phố Đài Bắc Taiwan

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4 1833 bài bình luận Tôi muốn bình luận

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  • viviane-akm

    仙台市, 宮城県

    Loại hình du khách:




    台北駅の目の前ですが、何しろ地下街が広いのでホテルを目指すのは結構大変です M6出口はホテルへ直接アクセス出来ますが、22時には地下通路口が閉鎖されるので、一旦外へ出る必要が有ります 桃園空港へ向かう際は、地下を通らず三越前を歩き一つ目の信号を駅側へ渡り桃園行きのプラットホームへ向かった方が便利です 部屋はいつも通り清潔感があり、スタッフの皆さんが殆ど日本語を話すので、安心して宿泊することが出来ます
  • CarolineL1326

    Loại hình du khách:


    Superb location but old rooms


    The hotel is located at Taipei Station, very accessible location to Taoyuan International Airport via MRT. There are shops located at the ground floor of the hotel for all kinds of common Taiwanese snacks to bring home. There are also lots of dining options at a walking distance from the hotel. Service at reception was good. However, rooms are quite old. The room in which I stayed in has the window blocked. You can see dust along the edges on the ground, and you can see hair in the water basin and bath tub. The air conditioner is uncontrollably cold. Well, just a few days' stay for a business trip and did not bother to request for a change. I think it would have been much better if it was a renovated room.
  • koolie37




    ここ数回の訪台の際の定宿としています 何と言っても台北駅直結でどの路線の駅からも地上に出ずホテルまでたどり着けるのはとてもいいですね 室内設備は確かに多少古さが否めないところはありますが、きちんと綺麗にされています 日本語も通じますから言葉の心配もありません 滞在中、体調を崩し病院へかかったのですが、場所を教えてくれるだけでなくスタッフの人が一緒についてきてくれました、とても親切で驚きました
  • Maritess R

    Good location


    the location is good. it's near the mall and transportation hub. the rooms are quite old but clean. the staff were very accommodating. the breakfast buffet has may choices. they have western and asian dishes to choose from
  • chupie

    Salt Lake City, Utah

    Service Excellence!!


    We stayed here with 6 of our family members for 2 weeks and loved our stay. The rooms were spacious and comfortable. The staff were gracious and bent over backwards to make sure our stay was comfortable and we enjoyed it. We arrived late and checking in 6 international guests could have been difficult but went very smoothly. The concierge desk were particularly helpful and knowledgeable. The location was perfect, right above Taipei Main Station and the mall. Super convenient! I would absolutely stay here again.

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