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Chợ đêm tham quan Sỹ Lâm 士林觀光夜市

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Chợ đêm Sỹ Lâm là chợ đêm có phạm vi lớn nhất trong thành phố Đài Bắc, là địa điểm tham quan nhất định phải đến tại Đài Bắc của khách du lịch nước ngoài.

Đại đa số người đến dạo chợ đêm đều để mua sắm và nếm món ẩm thực, nơi đây có những sản phẩm và món ngon mới lạ và lý thú, vừa rẻ lại vừa hấp dẫn, thu hút rất nhiều lượt người. Văn hóa chợ đêm khá đặc sắc này, là một phần không thể thiếu trong đời sống chợ đêm Đài Bắc.

Những món ăn cần nếm khi đến với chợ đêm Sỹ Lâm: Hàu rán, mực tươi xào, kem đá bào, cóc đẻ trứng (trà sữa trân châu), gà rán, đậu phụ thối, bánh bao rán, canh sườn hầm thuốc Bắc, xúc xích Sỹ Lâm v.v..., đây là những món ẩm thực vô cùng ngon miệng.

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In the neighborhood of Dadong Rd., Danan Rd., Wenin Rd., & Jihe Rd., Khu Sỹ Lâm, Thành phố Đài Bắc Taiwan

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Chủ nhật 15:00 - 01:00
Thứ Hai 16:00 - 00:00
Thứ Ba 16:00 - 00:00
Thứ Tư 16:00 - 00:00
Thứ Năm 16:00 - 00:00
Thứ Sáu 16:00 - 00:00
Thứ Bảy 15:00 - 01:00

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  • iamkatysantos


    Shilin Night Market, the best night market I've visited


    Shilin Night Market is the biggest night market in Taipei. Google Map is your best buddy so you won't get lost when you explore around. From snack foods to milk teas and street foods, Shilin Night Market is indeed a haven for shoppers and foodies. Shopaholics will surely enjoy this place as this serves as a little Shibuya of Taipei in my opinion as they're offering trendy and fabulous clothes. I went to Taiwan during the winter season and I enjoyed window shopping for gorgeous trench coats and dresses. Aside from these boutiques, there are several souvenir and gift shops where you can buy cute key chains and fridge magnets. Stinky Tofu is a must try! It doesn't smell good but when I tasted it, it is yummy! The large Taiwanese Chicken is a must try too!
  • ianwyj

    Singapore, Singapore

    Taipei's most well-known night market


    It's probably no eaggeration that one of the main draws of visiting Taipei is the vibrant night market scene. With as many as thirty different night markets in and around the greater Taipei area, as well as over twenty different food stalls recognised by the Michelin guide as worthy of a bib gourmand award, there's plenty to keep visitors occupied for many a night. The night market in the Shilin district is the largest, one of the most well-known and popular, and often the first one visitors head for. The main stalls are housed under the roof of the old Shilin market, but also includes stalls that have spread outwards to now occupy the neighbouring streets. The most famous cuisines on offer have been well documented in many guidebooks and online websites, and are well worth a try at least once even if it's not always to one's liking. But being adventurous can be a rewarding experience. Having already tried variants of the grilled sausages, we opted to skip these and instead tried the oyster omelette (not as nice as back home), the oyster vermicelli (extremely tasty, and a nice-sized portion), and the fried chicken pieces (wish it had been less oily and salty). For those in a shopping mood, there were also lots of shops that sold toys, souvenirs, clothes, and phone accessories. Be ready for the sounds, smells, and crowds, and also very full from the food.
  • pokyo200

    多摩市, 東京都



    「士林夜市」と言われていますが、電車では士林では無くって一つ前の剣潭駅で降りないとすごい歩きます。 注意してください。 屋台や遊び場があり、楽しめる観光スポットです。お祭り縁日って感じです。 ゲームはだいたい100元で遊べます。300、400元ってとこも少しありました。 全体的に、風船割りゲームが多く、風船の奥には、金ブラシがついていて、風船が割れる時の音が大きくなるよう演出されてました。 景品は期待しない方が良いかと。しょぼいかな。何年か前のものっぽいです。 ただ、雰囲気は楽しいのでやってしまう。 お土産屋さんのTシャツのデザインは面白いものたくさんありました。 台湾カステラが流行っているのか、結構色々なところにありました。 シフォンケーキのようですが、巨大なものをカットして販売していました。 お土産で持って帰ることができないので、現地に行ったら是非食べてみてください。
  • yugyo62

    松戸市, 千葉県



    ここは面白い。商売熱心で活気があり、とても賑わっています。 台湾料理なら、なんでもある感じの地下飲食街です。 だいたい、どこも似たような金額で安く買うことができます。 小籠包は、美味しいというより素朴な感じ。 青椒肉絲と頼んだら、間違ってはいないが、、、イメージとは違ったものが出てきました。 手づかみや、脂っぽいもの多いので、ウエットティッシュ持参がオススメです。
  • poors5

    さいたま市, 埼玉県




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