俪园饭店 Liyuan HOTEL

NT$2,730 ~ NT$3,680


  • 合法旅馆
  • 营业卫生(优)





  • 电视
  • 冰箱
  • 桌子
  • 椅子
  • 衣柜
  • 电话
  • 空调
  • 浴缸
  • 三温暖
  • 无线网路



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  • RLmEC

    Singapur, Singapur


    De negocios

    Adequate room, poor internet, good location.


    This trip I got a corner room towards the back of the building and away from the elevator. Since this was a Business Double Room, the size was slightly bigger than the rooms I had before: there was enough space that I could leave my luggage opened! Being away from the elevator also meant that I wasn't bothered as much by the noise of people talking while waiting for the elevator. The room was clean and well lighted, and there was a window that allowed natural light to come in. The window panes were frosted, so I could leave the blinds open all the time. Nothing much has changed since my last stay here. Breakfast was still disappointing, with mostly Chinese dishes; and dishes didn't seem to change during the entire week of my stay. The internet connection speed was bad, though. I measured a miserable 1.88 Mbps download speed using their wifi. In comparison, the download speed on my 4G mobile phone was 140 Mbps!! Worse still, my computer was disconnected from their wifi every now and then, which was rather inconvenient. I needed to have a video conference one evening, and the only way I could get a satisfactory connection was to tether my computer to my phone's mobile data. If you need a good internet connection, first get unlimited data for your mobile phone, then use it as a mobile hotspot. This trip I needed to wash some of my clothes, and was glad that they have a self-service laundromat that I could use, and free of charge! The laundry room at my level had two household-grade washing machine, one household-grade dryer, and one industrial-grade dryer. The washing took much longer than I expected. When I started up the washer, the display said it'd take about 50 minutes. When I came back 50 minutes later, the display said it still needed 30 minutes! One reason could be the water flow was really slow and the washer took a long time to get filled up. Eventually, my washing only got done after 2 hours and 30 minutes, and I only had half a load of clothes! Thankfully, I could use the industrial-grade dryer to dry my clothes, and that took less than 40 minutes. If you plan to use the washer during your stay, do allow more time. Overall, other than those disappointing areas mentioned above, my stay was adequate. If I were to stay here again, I would opt for the Business Double Room again for the extra space.
  • kizzypit


    En pareja

    Ideal mainly for Chinese fluent guests, very small rooms and older interior


    The staff was not fluent in English and I believe they cater to mainly guests from China. They have a laundry room and the machine directions were only in Chinese. The rooms were really tiny, as well as the hallways, so you feel a bit claustrophobic. Really not modern (felt like an older property) and rather old school, w/a need for upgrades in interiors (cracked bathtub). We were on the 3rd floor but we could hear the outside traffic, where it sits on a pretty busy Blvd. A bit on the stingy side where they only offered one key card when there were two of us and there was only a halfway full toilet roll available in the bathroom. When we came in or walk past the front desk person, he/she was a bil cold and just muttered a hello back. The breakfast was decent, w/a few Chinese and Western offerings, but the dining room was in the basement area and didn't have great ambiance - just bare bones. I felt I got more for my money at the previous places I stayed at (Check Inn, Pacific Business Hotel and UInn), since they were all in a similar price range. I would not stay here again. Plus was they had a good hole in the wall place a few stores down from them.
  • RLmEC

    Singapur, Singapur


    De negocios

    Good location, adequate facility.


    Stayed here several nights during a business trip. The hotel is near a metro station (Taipower Building Station), so it's really convenient if you want to visit other places. The room wasn't big, there's enough space to move around but not much more. There isn't enough room to open up my luggage, though, so I had to either open it on the bed or on the desk or side table. There is a wardrobe in the room so I could hang my clothes in it and kept my luggage closed. Breakfast selection was limited. There are very few dishes in the first place, and almost all are local Chinese dishes. If you are not used to those, you will have to make do with just bread and eggs. My room was just next to the lift, and the soundproofing wasn't very good, so I could hear people talking out in the hallway everytime someone uses the lift. Overall, the stay was OK, but in future, I would want to request a room away from the lift.
  • silverthoughts

    Hong Kong, China


    En pareja

    excellent location but a bit odd sometimes


    Spent 4 days, 3 nights at this hotel and was overall quite good but there were a few odd things that made no sense. Location is excellent! Literally right next to the Taipower Station MRT exit 4. The MRT line will take you to all the major locations with minimal subway line change. Walking distance to Shida Night Market. A Wellcome grocery store is 5 minutes away. Front desk speaks very good English and they have a small room to store luggage. Room was tidy and clean (though sink was cracked but it was repaired with some glue). Fairly small for Taiwan standards. It came with a breakfast which we did only once during our stay as it wasn't that great so we went out to eat. Just the basic eggs, ham, cereal and toast for Western and congee for Chinese. But the lady who works there is very nice even though she speaks no English. She still pointed out when food was refilled. Though we did find some odd things in the room we stayed. Like a condom package? Never had this as a hotel amenity? The fridge was placed inside a closet where the door of the closet opened on the left and the fridge door opened on the right. As there was next to no space between the bed and the fridge, it was hard to maneuver. Also, very stingy on the toilet paper. We had used up more than half the roll. Instead of replacing with a whole new roll, they replaced with another half a roll and placed our used one on top of the toilet. There was also some instructions on what to do if the police came for a search and what rights you have. Like they have no right to lift up your bedcovers. Odd. Other than that, would stay again for the convenience and it was a very quiet hotel.
  • YoL292









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