NT$15,000 ±


  • 合法旅馆
  • 营业卫生(优)





星期日: 24 小时营业
星期一: 24 小时营业
星期二: 24 小时营业
星期三: 24 小时营业
星期四: 24 小时营业
星期五: 24 小时营业
星期六: 24 小时营业



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  • Hunkim_kor

    서울, 대한민국

    가성비 좋은 호텔입니다


    가성비 좋아요. 저는 다른거 보다 테라스 있는 점, 라운지 있는점, 라운지에서 오전에 한정 수량이지만 아침 제공 하다는 점이 만족도의 90% 이상
  • Hashirama39

    Epsom, Reino Unido

    Goods and Bads... but overall positive.


    After spending a few days at this hotel it was apparent that there were times where the concierge desk wasn't always manned and staff would be away at times especially at night. Unsure why but it didn't sit well with me personally as I prefer hotel to be more secured. The corridors are unusually cold and the room numbers were indicated by a light shining through a stencil of the room number. Trouble was the two were so close together it made it difficult to make out the room number anyway. Room decor itself was pleasant, all necessities are available inc. toothbrush, slippers, soap etc. There is a laundry area on the second floor which is self service. We've found it to be quite most of the time. Free tea / coffee is also available on the second floor and guests can just pop down to grab a roll and a drink in the morning should they want to avoid the local selection. The street comes alive at night and the local shops make the walk to the hotel more inviting. It's also close to Xi Men Ding, so for those who want a cheaper hotel option but still want to be close to the centre of activities then this will be a good choice.
  • Solo Man S

    Pekín (Beijing), China

    Comfortable and quiet


    I stayed at this hotel for 5 nights and it basically satisfied all of my needs. The room was clean and spacious. The bed was really comfortable and the shower was one of the best I've had at any hotel anywhere! I didn't experience any difficulty in finding the hotel as some other guests commented on. It is just off a main road on a small side street/alley. The only issue is that the hotel name is not clearly visible from the main road but this shouldn't be complicated at all. If I were to be critical at all of this hotel I would say that the lighting in all areas of the hotel, including the room, was very dim. I thought it was a bit odd and it felt like the hotel was part of an exhibition at a museum. Other than that, there was nothing not to like about this hotel. I wasn't exactly too pleased wth the location. The Ximen district is quite busy and more for teenagers I would say. Although there are more than a few really great street food places just a 10 minute walk from the hotel.
  • DarrenWicks

    Melbourne, Australia

    Great experience made wonderful by the amazing staff.


    Tango Inn is a convenient location in the middle of Ximen and just few minutes walk to the Ximen Station. It is well-suited to young couples, solo travellers, and GLB travellers (close to the gay scene). Staff are just superb. Highest accolades for that. The rooms are smallish, but extremely clean and very comfortable bed and you're not really going to spend great amounts of time in the room. I found it so easy to get around from this location.
  • aliciavw2

    Bangkok, Tailandia


    En pareja

    Cheap chic and comfy


    Apart from great location as the hotel situated in the heart of city center, it offered great comfort of the bed sheet. The room is small of comfy enough for 2 people. The toilet is huge. It also has balcony. I kinda love this hotel so much.




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