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BeerGeek MicroPub Taipei

4.5 20则评论

星期日: 18:00 – 02:00





Welcome to BeerGeek Micropub, a truly authentic pub that is true to its values.We offer great local and international draft and bottled beers along with a well chosen selection of Whisky and Gin in a friendly authentic environment.Daily rotating happy hour drinks are available, as well as Special Events and Beer launches.We are BeerGeeks ... You are welcome.




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星期日: 18:00 – 02:00
星期一: 18:00 – 02:00
星期二: 18:00 – 02:00
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  • R821WVbrianh

    Gateshead, Reino Unido


    En pareja

    great friendly pub


    first visited Beer Geeks in Oct 2015 while visiting our son and made to feel welcome. Visited again in April 2018 and welcomed like long lost family
  • Stephanie0988

    Tacoma, Washington


    Con amigos

    Pretty good


    Not a bad stop. A definite ex pat bar. Had a good golden ale that was pretty good. Lots of friendly people there. Plus there was an adorable frenchie running around. A good stop if in the area.
  • Ah J

    Melaka, Malasia


    En solitario

    Hands Down the Best Micro Pub


    They change the draft beers very frequently and some of the names will really make you laugh but the best part is the taste of the beers which are all fantastic (I stuck with the IPA as amazing). It is a very friendly place with some of the local and expats coming to talk with you, especially if you sit at the bar, and the owners are very friendly. I would suggest you try they bar meals as they are very basic but superb on the taste level.I highly recommend the sausages which are made locally my an expat "Mr Sausage" and you may even get a chance to meet him on some nights and he has a great character. If you love original craft beers, great bar food and really welcoming environment then this is the place to visit.
  • Kristof_Ge

    Herk-de-Stad, Bélgica


    Con amigos

    Great beer-bar in Taipei


    A friend found this place on google maps while strolling around in the area. What a gem! Once inside it is really cosy and the overall setup is very nice. Friendly staff & of-course the beers are great. Also the snack/food options are really tasteful. 1 minor tip; try to be a bit more knowledgeable on the beers itself. This will please customers who have an understanding of different kinds of beers an even better experience.
  • Lavael

    Helsinki, Finlandia


    Con amigos

    Micro in size, not in selection


    BeerGeek came up easily when looking for places to have good beer in Taipei in several listings. We ended up having a good free night and decided make our way and see ho the place looks like. The first thing that hit me was surprise: the place really is small! At the same time, surprisingly enough, there are actually quite a few seats, and I guess the place could in the end fit quite a crowd. We were greeted with cheer by the native English speaking guy from behind the bar. That's when I noticed that every customer, us included, were westerners. Not that it bothered me in anyway, but at least every other beer restaurant we had visited before in Taipei had had some locals around. The selection of beers on the tap was not too large, but the amount of brews in the fridges behind there, in bottles and cans, was astounding. The selection has both several local beers as well as many imports. The prices are the same as in every place selling craft beers in Taipei, too high for some, quite affordable and worth it in my opinion ( a Finn speaking, admittedly). The customer service was very friendly and when asked about local beer selection, the staff gave nice descriptions of the products they had for sale. For our surprise there happened to be an amateur stand-up comedy open mic night exactly that night, which was actually quite fun. The quality of the comedy material was, as expected, amateur level but quite cheerful while enjoying a good beer or two. I suppose we might have given a bit wrong idea by leaving in the middle of the night, even if we tried to go in between two artists. Apologies for that! A nice place to sit and enjoy beer! Also a good possibility to taste Taiwanese beers.




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