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Charlie's Sports Bar

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星期四:19:00 - 02:00



NT$250 ✚



Charlie's Sports Bar is one of the best sports bar in town with an 84 inches 4K HDTV and four 65 inches HDTV providing great ambiance for watching various sports games. You can watch almost all sports games live at the bar.
It serves traditional Chinese cuisines such as beef noodles, dumplings and assorted braised dishes as well as Western snacks including French fries, fried chicken, sausages, cheese platers, etc. 



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  • AndyS4345


    En solitario

    I felt threatened, scared and unwelcome!


    Dear all, I went to this bar on Saturday night (1st June, 2019). I wanted somewhere to go and to relax and enjoy watching my team, Liverpool Football Club, play in the final of the Champions League. I would like to share my experience with you. I have a Taiwanese contact through the Liverpool FC Taiwan. He shared their event with me. He told me the Kopites would all gather together in Charlie's Sports Bar in Taipei and watch the match on their TV screens. I arrived really early (22:00) and asked, if possible, could I buy a ticket to watch the game on their TV. I met the owner and introduced myself. Yes, they had a space available. Yes, I could join their event. The owner asked me for my name, which he then wrote down on a customer log sheet. I specifically asked him to confirm that I could watch it on their largest HDTV. I was told yes. I could. The game was scheduled to start at 03:00. So, I went to another pub to eat something before watching the game. All I had to do, was give the doorman my name when I returned, pay the staff $300 NTD, and I would get into the bar. I returned to Charlie's Sports Bar at around 01:30. I bought a ticket for $300 NTD. I also got two free drinks tickets once I had purchased my ticket. I entered the bar area. It was packed with Taiwanese people wearing Liverpool FC strips. I'm not going to refer to them as Liverpool Supporters because I don't believe they are genuine fans. I will explain why later. I made my way to the bar and a member of staff took my order. My "cup" of Guinness arrived right away. This was a plastic cup. Not a draft, glass pint of Guinness. No doubt, poured from a can. I exchanged my free drink coupon for the plastic cup of depressing looking Guinness. I was sober as a judge. I hadn't even started drinking alcohol yet. Before I even had a chance to wet my parched lips with my stout, the boss started bellowing (in Chinese) "You can't stand there! You're blocking the way! Move to the other corner of the room and watch it on the small TVs!" My Chinese ability is pretty rudimentary. I tried to communicate, politely, as best I could, that I was only ordering a drink. Then, I would to move to an area where I could watch the match on the big TV screen, and hopefully not block the way, or inconvenience anyone. That was when then the boss became totally unreasonable. He marched over to me, threw my $300 NTD at me and demanded that I leave immediately. I did absolutely nothing wrong. I was subjected to the boss' highly aggressive behaviour. I was scared. I thought to myself: "He's going to get violent and punch me in the face! Or, manhandle me out the door!" The owner totally humiliated me in front of a packed public house. I decided there was no point in arguing with this crazy fool, and I thought it was best to leave before things got really ugly. I had purchased a valid ticket and had a right to watch the football in his establishment. I felt cheated and I was made to feel afraid, embarrassed and really unwelcome. I think the owner must be racist towards foreigners. I really struggled to make sense of why he reacted the way he did. Like I said, I don't think I did anything wrong. Maybe he realised the bar was dangerously overcrowded and he just needed an excuse to ask people to leave. Now I want to talk about these so called Taiwanese Liverpool Supporters. During all this commotion, not one Taiwanese customer stepped in to try and help me, or offer any moral support. I understand some Taiwanese people are fairly passive and may not like or want any confrontation, but I was so disappointed in these disingenuous "fans". If this happened in Liverpool, England, the whole bar would have stepped in and tried to help me. If I had still been thrown out, I'm certain the whole pub would have left with me: "All for one and one for all!" A real Liverpool supporter knows the meaning of: "You'll Never Walk Alone". It means: you have a loving family, you have support, you will never be alone. Obviously, these Taiwanese fake, fairweather fans don't understand the meaning of "You'll Never Walk Alone", because I walked out of that bar alone with no support whatsoever! Us real, Liverpool supporters sing with a genuine heart the words: "You'll Never Walk Alone". With a genuine heart, I can tell you, "I'll Never Walk into Charlie's Sports Bar ever again!" We all have choices. But, please friends, heed the warning. I strongly advise you to steer clear of this bar. I DO NOT RECOMMEND Charlie's Sports Bar. I know for a fact others feel the same way. Please do yourself a massive favour and DO NOT waste your time and money there. There are far better places to spend your valuable time and money than there. Anyway, congratulations LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB! Champions of Europe once again! You deserve it!
  • khuang63

    Taipéi, Taiwán


    En pareja

    Great Sports Bar!


    Great ambiance, good food and drinks, nice place! Giant TV screen for sports games! It will be exciting to watch a game with a big crowd here! 很棒的運動酒吧,非常乾淨不吸煙,設備完善,有不錯的酒類選擇,還有小吃,是看運動比賽的好地方!我們跟水朋友一起來還可以包場,氣氛非常熱鬧也很友善。
  • KatakaronApartments

    Singapur, Singapur


    En solitario

    Brilliain Sports Bar Centrally Located but with Friendly Neighbourhood Atmosphere


    I called the bar before going to make sure they were showing the UEFA Championships semi final delayed telecast. They had recorded it and told me they would put it up one of their many screens when I arrived. They were good to their word. The staff are very friendly. Charles the owner works behind the bar and is bilingual. The bar is very comfortable, prices are very reasonable and there is a great variety of sport with the many TVs available for you to watch your sport. The other patrons in the bar, predominantly Chinese with a scattering of expats, are very friendly as well. I spent 4 hours at the bar watching two semi finals, as a complete stranger, and came out having had a great time and making some new friends. A must in Taipei if you are there and want to watch a big game, no matter what sport, on your own or with friends.
  • jewel090191


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