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葫蘆商務旅社 Hulu Hotel

NT$2,200 ±


  • 合法旅館
  • 營業衛生(優)




  • 茶水
  • 電視
  • 桌子
  • 椅子
  • 衣櫃
  • 置衣架
  • 空調
  • 浴缸
  • 三溫暖



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  • DayTrip744013


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  • Sightseer659307


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  • Kalpesh B

    Ahmedabad, India


    De negocios

    “You get what you pay for”


    - "+" 1 The staff is nice and always smile. 2 The basics are available such as toiletries, towels, etc. "---" 1.Room abit small 2. cleaning of room floor not proper 3. paper cup is not suitable for drink hot water.
  • Johannady

    Pala-o, Iligan, Philippines


    En pareja

    Room is Great but location & service is not


    We reserved a room for 5 nights and before we went there, we made a phonecall and the lady on the phone told us that she will charge 1 night out of 5 in advance and charge the rest when we get there. This was something that worried me because it might cause confusion and we might get charged more than they should. When we got there, first thing I notices is they don't have an elevator from the first floor. They just have a staircase for the entrance. Their elevator just starts from the 2nd floor(reception area) and up. We went up to ask for assistance to carry our luggage up but they couldn't help us because they were just a bunch of old ladies. It was really difficult because we have a lot of luggage since we are staying here for 1 month. We have lots of books for my boyfriend's work. It was very heavy. Just getting checked in was difficult even though my boyfriend speaks mandarin very well. It was difficult because they couldn't find our reservation in their record. I gave them my name to help them find it but the lady just outright refused to even try to look atbit and said I can't read english. I cant read chinese either but I can still tell the words apart based on how they look. She just groolingly looked for aour booking # on her list and as expected, they have no clue about the advanced charge they made on our credit card. Soon she called someone and told hee to come down. It's the younger lady who we spoke to on the phone. She quickly checled us in finally and clarified the confusion about the advance charging. The room is very nice and clean, i'd give them that. You can yell from the design rtgat it is an old hotel but it is also obvious thatvit has been very well maintained. The walls look like they have newly been painted and the tv is a flat screen tv. Some older hotels have really old tvs but in this one, they updated it. The bathroom was surprisingly clean and a bit more modern too. I think they have really put money on maintenance. They also have a nice elevator. It looks so sturdy and you can tell it's an expensive kind one. It has a security system too that requirea as special keychain for you to use it. Not anyone can just come up to the floor we are at which is really good. The down side is that they want you to leave the key in the reception area when you go out because they are paranoid about you losing the special magnetic keychain. Also when one of us goes out, we have to bring the key, other wise we'll be stuck down stairs. Unless maybe if you ask for assistance if it were just a normal key, you cannjust knock on the door for your partbwr to open it. The Internet can be fast for a few occasions but most of the time it is extremely slow. Sometimes it just disappears and reappears every few seconds. There aren't any nearby train stations so we have to take a bus to the neareat station or ride a taxi when we go out. There are nearby restaurants and convience stores though. The buses do go directly to tourist spots and they are very cheap but it can be confusing for first timers.



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