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[ 記 得 _ ] 泰 , 日 , 港 , 台 藝術家插畫聯展 在大稻埕





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[3LAND]  X  [Moe]  X  [zu and pi]  X  [U&s studio]

R e m e m b e r _     illustrators   exhibition

_  ]    , , ,    藝術家插畫聯展 在大稻埕


2017 / 11 / 17 () - 11 / 26 ()   URS127 玩藝工場  與大家見面 

每日10:00-18:00(11/1714:00-18:00 台北市大同區迪化街一段127 URS127 玩藝工場展覽免費參觀

[  記 得 _  ]    泰 , 日 , 港 , 台   藝術家插畫聯展 在大稻埕








一定要來的開幕茶會 11/17()14:00 來參加開幕就送展覽藝術家限量明信片一組:報名連結


香港 陋室五月 zu and pi

香港創作團隊「陋室五月」,從事帶歐美簡約成熟繪畫風格,早於2007年五月由Steven Jasper 成立, 堅持創意先行,創作遍及出版、藝術指導、平面設計、電影及唱片等。取名 「五月」,因中國二十四節氣之中五月為「小滿」,是農民三夏大忙之序幕。據《月令七十二候集解》說:「小滿者,物致於此小得盈滿」。因此秉承小滿之韻,蹣跚學步,視人生為一種練習,必須掌握小滿的尺度。

2012年構思了關於星球人的創意故事《Zu and Pi》,以寓言般的故事喚起生活急促的城市人再次注重生活,推崇「修復生活」,衍生出一系列插畫。《Zu and Pi》及同系列之相關插畫,定期於香港、日本、臺灣、海外,參與不同展覽,務求多作新嚐試。

[  記 得 _  ]    泰 , 日 , 港 , 台   藝術家插畫聯展 在大稻埕

[  記 得 _  ]    泰 , 日 , 港 , 台   藝術家插畫聯展 在大稻埕


[  記 得 _  ]    泰 , 日 , 港 , 台   藝術家插畫聯展 在大稻埕


泰國 3LAND

My 3LAND,It is the third world for me. At there including many characters and a lot of buildings, although it is a land in my imagination but that make me so excited all the time when I stay in there,I think it feel like Adventure, I am exploring the new world with new friends that I didn’t know before.It start from the land of characters and buildings from my imagination.When I was young I need to watch, read cartoons and play the game so much but I couldn’t, so I always think about the world that is my passionate and drew it on the paper instead.It is a greatest activities for me until now, after that it make me really love to create the new characters and land for it and also I give them attitude and concept too. I would say that is the most important thing and be a part of my life.I really love my land.Let’s come and join with it.

[  記 得 _  ]    泰 , 日 , 港 , 台   藝術家插畫聯展 在大稻埕


日本 Moe 鈴木

moe is an Independent Artist who creates her works in her Apartment based in Nagoya, Japan. You can often find moe sitting by her phone in the depths of her desk in her heater lit room drawing past 5am.

 She has been giving birth to her work through various media for as long as she can remember. Drawing and molding clay have been her two favorite vehicles to express herself.

I live life day to day. I don’t know a whole lot. I am just taking my desperate feelings and drawing them on paper, kneading them into shapes and binding them with words."

[  記 得 _  ]    泰 , 日 , 港 , 台   藝術家插畫聯展 在大稻埕


台灣 U&S 叔叔與妹妹

原創角色 赤毛族‧蘿蔔塔


U&S = Uncle and Sister"

 同所大學畢業的學長溫國欣(叔叔)與學妹陳美君(妹妹)都熱愛繪畫與設計,喜歡天馬行空的想像各種事物,在共同的創作理念與熱情下,以「U&S 叔叔與妹妹」名稱共同進行數位繪圖創作,成立插畫設計工作室,設計開發地方文化元素的商品,主要業務為插畫設計及圖像授權,並進行地方街區導覽結合插畫教學,推廣美學教育。兩人創造了一群光著腳並留有腳毛的精靈「赤毛族」,光著腳代表喜歡親近大自然的土地,留有腳毛代表保有與生俱來的特徵,藉此傳達(愛護世界)(做自己)的理念。

We are Uncle & Sister (U&S). Graduated from the same university, we both love illustration and design and enjoy running wild with our imagination.

[  記 得 _  ]    泰 , 日 , 港 , 台   藝術家插畫聯展 在大稻埕

[  記 得 _  ]    泰 , 日 , 港 , 台   藝術家插畫聯展 在大稻埕



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