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Taipei Performing Arts Center 臺北表演藝術中心

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Be Engaged: enjoy art and touch life

Life is art and each person an artist. Taipei Performing Arts Center is about everyone and for everyone. It is a bridge between people and art. It touches the life of people in many ways.

Stage productions, workshops, talks, courses, tours; we have a wide range of programs and activities for all ages. As well as happening in the Center’s theaters, performances are taken to new and unexpected places including Taipei’s streets, galleries and museums, places wherepassers-by may have surprise, even unrehearsed, encounters with artists. All are guaranteed to give a good time and long-lasting memories.

Be Open: encouraging creativity and networking the world

Taipei Performing Arts Center is open to all possibilities. It’s a place where all artists can play and experiment with their imagination, enabling their talent to blossom. It offers many resources, including technical support, for artists of all kinds, curators and producers. Cross-disciplinary exchange is encouraged.

Taipei Performing Arts Center actively participates in local and global performing arts communities. It strives to bring together local and international curators, producers andvenues, and welcomes cross-national productions. It is a departure point for Taiwanese performing arts to travel the world, for welcoming the world’s artists to Taiwan, and a hub for collaboration between them.

Be Bold: let imagination play

Taipei Performing Arts Center stands out from the crowd. Located near Jiantan MRT Station and Shilin Night Market, Pritzker Architecture Prize winner Rem Koolhaas’ contemporary-looking building features a cube-sphere main body with block-shaped structures extending in three directions. It’s an imaginative and multi-purpose design that reflects the liveliness and open-mindedness of Taipei, and the vibrant energy of its people. Koolhaas’ geometric design forms a dialogue between the real and the surreal. The whole structure is lifted up from the ground, the sphere looking like a planet is floating in the air. At street-level is a vibrant public space open to all. The scene is completed with the hustle and bustle of nearby streets; a nonstop live drama day and night.

Taipei Performing Arts Center has a “3+1” configuration with effective use made of every space. The 1,500-seat Grand Theater and 800-seat Multiform Theater can be used independently or combined into a 2,300-seat Super Theater. In addition, there’s an 800-seat Proscenium Playhouse that features an unusual spherical auditorium. Visitors may also follow the Public Loop that connects the three theaters and allows them to see backstage: the equipment, rehearsal spaces, all the internal workings of a theater. Taipei Performing Arts Center is the first theater in Taiwan to offer such a tour, which must end with the scenic view of Shilin from the outdoor viewing deck.

(Source From : Taipei Performing Arts Center)


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Taipei Performing Arts Center
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Jihe Road, Shilin Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C

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