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Datun Mountain System: Zhongzhengshan Hiking Trail 大屯山系-中正山親山步道

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At an elevation of 646 meters, Zhongzheng Mountain is located to the south of Datun Peak, which itself has an elevation of 960 meters. It has also been known as Mituo Mountain, Shibafen Mountain and Daganlin Mountain; the present name refers to the style name of the R.O.C.'s late president Chiang Kai-shek, and is spelled out in large characters by the plantation on the mountain's southern slope. The whole of the Taipei basin is visible from the peak. There are three alternative routes by which to ascend and descend.

Southwest entrance of Zhongzheng Mountain: visitors may take Dengshan Road in front of the Zhan Ancestral Temple and walk for about 3.5 kilometer to the entrance located near the parking site of the Yangmingshan National Park. The path is steep, and it is about 500 meters to the peak. Visitors may also take the path from the Lane 230, Fuxing 3rd Road via the parking site of Shangqing Temple and take the path at Lane 300, Fuxing 3rd Road to the place where the elevation is 470 meters on agriculture industrial route of Zhongzheng Mountain. Then go about 0.7 kilometers to reach the parking site of Yangmingshan National Park.

Southeast entrances of Zhongzheng Mountain: there are three entrances located at the Dahuiwan area on Dengshan Road. Visitors can take cross the Yicui Bridge from the Postal Training Institute on Quanyuan Road or take the uphill path at the back of the training Institute in the end of Zhuhai Road to reach the entrances. Two northward paths can reach Zhanggongshengjun Temple. Visitors can turn to Dengshan Road near the temple (Quanyuan Road) and then turn to the agriculture industrial route on the Zhongzheng Mountain (start is at an elevation of 250 meters) and it will take about 3.5 Kilometer to Zhongzheng Mountain.


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Another eastern route via the path near Fayu Temple to the Shihbafen area; then cross Dengshan Road (Quanyuan agriculture industrial route) and take the uphill path behind the farm at 143-2, Dengshan Road. After walking for about 870 meters and reach 149-85, Dengshan Road (at an elevation of 570 meters), turn right and walk for about 410 meters to reach the watchtower on Zhongzheng Mountain. Visitors may also take the small lane located next to Quanyuan Bridge No. 3 in the Shihbafen area to the uphill path located next to the farms at 165, Dengshan Road. After walking on the stone stairway and path for about 1.3 kilometers, it will reach the agriculture industrial road near Zhuzihu.


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