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Wuzhi Mountain System: Jinmianshan Hiking Trail 五指山系-金面山親山步道

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IllustrationLocated to the west of Jinlong Temple, in the middle of the Dalunwei Mountain range, this mountain, which has two names, has an elevation of 252 meters. At one end of the mountain are the clear waters of the Neihudapo Lake. A mountain path can be accessed from Lane 91, Neihu Rd, Sec. 1; Lane 136, Huanshan Rd. Sec. 1; or Lane 50, Huanshan Rd. Sec. 2, which is the shortest path of all three. Descending from the top, to a pass at 181m elevation, and then climbing again to another peak (with high voltage power tower) takes about 20 minutes. Here, a huge stone protrudes towards the north and, looking from Bishanyan, the mountain looks like a knife, which is the origin of the name Jiandaoshi Mountain. The whole of Taipei City can be seen from this peak.

Visitors can take the buses No. 267, 247, 256, blue 27 alighting at Takming College and walk to the entrance of Lane 91, Neihu Road Sec. 1; or take the buses No. 256, 267, blue 27 alighting at Lishan village stop and walk to the entrance of Lane 50, Huanshan Road Sec. 2; or take the buses No. 220, 240, 256, blue 20 alighting at Xihu garden stop and walk to the entrance of Lane 24, Huanshan Road Sec. 3.


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, Neihu Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C

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