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Nangang Mountain System: Lishan Bridge Entrance Hiking Trail 南港山系_麗山橋口親山步道

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Lishanqiaokou Trail is located at the southern end of Nangang Park. This was once an irrigated region: the location of the three old ponds of Nangang (Houshanpi, Dongxingpi and Sanchongpi). Today, the ponds no longer function as an irrigation source but serve as recreational areas for fishing, sightseeing, strolling and cycling. The first section of trail is known as the Beixing Temple Trail; the Lishanqiaokou Trail is the later section of the trail.

Snake-shaped forest
This trail is at least a century old and was once used by local folks as a route for rice and tea transportation to and from Songshan (Xikou) and Sifenzi (Sec. 4 of Yanjiuyuan Rd.). Along the path, one will find the rare snake-like tree ferns, Cyathea lepifera. Since not many people traverse this path, a sense of primitive tranquility permeates the air.
Unlike the other trails in the Nangang Mountain system, Lishanqiaokou Trail still has a section of the original soil path. During sunny days, the refreshing smell of the soil raises memories for urbanites. But be careful on rainy days as the path can be slippery.

Beixing Temple Trail
Beixing Temple

This trail is even and easy to traverse due to its stone-paved path and shade from the trees. The signboards on the side of the path containing messages such as “Good Health!” and “The People of Houshanpi Care for You!” bring a warm feeling to hikers.

The first section of the trail falls within the Xinyi Business District, and one see the high-rise skyscrapers of the bustling region. After crossing Anbu Hill, the landscape changes to primitive farmland and cottages.


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1. Trail length: Hiking trail: approx. 1.9km, total: approx 4.1km
2. Altitude: 195m
3. Walking time: approx. 2 hr


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