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Nangang Mountain System: Hushan (Mt. Tiger) Hiking Trail 南港山系_虎山親山步道

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Hushan (Mt. Tiger) is one of the low elevation mountains inside the Sishou Mountain Citizen Forest Area. It is 140 meters above sea level and forms a natural barrier at Taipei City’s southeastern section. The terrain is high on the west and low on the east, and on its peak is a sundial for observing the movement of the sun. The path is paved with sandstone and shale. Hushan River passes through the mountain, and forms an excellent natural habitat for the nurturing of fireflies, frogs and diversified life forms, making this trail the best spot for observing a wetland natural habitat. Along the path are also clear indicators and maps. This is an ideal place for both hiking and ecological observation.

Sishou Mountain Citizen Forest
The Sishou Mountain Trail was renamed Sishou Mountain Citizen Forest after having undergone renovation. The forest includes four mountains: Hushan (tiger), Baoshan (leopard), Shishan (lion) and Xiangshan (elephant), and forms a natural environment for birds, making it an excellent venue for the general public for outdoor leisure activities.

Hushan River Ecological Trip
Hushan Highland 120

With the renovation work of Taipei City Government’s Department of Economic Development, Hushan River has become a garden with abundant marine organisms. The public can enjoy fireflies, tree frogs and all sorts of animals and plants amidst the trees and water.

Hushan Highland 120
Highland 120, famous for the great view and an old armory, is a highland park named after its altitude. The neat plantations and resting shelter serve as a great landmark for hikers to rest and chit-chat.


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Geotechnical Engineering Office, Public Works Department, Taipei City Government
Phone Number
Hushan (Mt. Tiger), Xinyi Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C

Opening Hours

Sundayopen 24 hours
Mondayopen 24 hours
Tuesdayopen 24 hours
Wednesdayopen 24 hours
Thursdayopen 24 hours
Fridayopen 24 hours
Saturdayopen 24 hours


1. Trail length: Hiking trail: approx. 2.5km, total: approx 3.9km
2. Altitude: 140m
3. Walking time: approx. 2 hr 30 min


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