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Nightscape-viewing from Yangmingshan 陽明山夜景

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The nightscape viewed from Yangmingshan is a famous tourism attraction of Taipei City. In addition to Yangde Blvd., where uphill travelers will be mesmerized by the dark sky sprayed with blinking stars, merged with a shimmering sea of city lights, the locations in Yangmingshan popular with nightscape-viewers also include: the Baiyun Villa, Zhuzihu Scenic Lookout, Yonggong Rd., Lin Yutang House, and the road that bypasses Yangmingshan National Park and leads to Dinghu or Beitou. Likewise, the Erziping Recreational Area and Qingtiangang are both terrific stargazing spots known for a panoramic view. With a premium location close enough to the Taipei Basin and a slope steep enough, the iconic back-hills of Chinese Culture University offer a bird’s eye view of the city cloaked by night, and an illusion of being sucked into the nebulous, dreamily lit windows below.


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No. 55, Huagang Rd., Yangmingshan, Shilin Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C

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  • lev-fhm

    Tel Aviv, Israel

    unbeleivable beauty


    to understand the greatness of Chang Kai Shek you have to visit the park and see the cherry and plum blossoms
  • jelaic

    Luzón, Filipinas

    Traveler type:

    De negocios



    Excellent Jenny - our tour guide. She’s fluent, patient, experienced, know where to take us. Overall, wonderful experience!
  • MartinG1984

    Bratislava, Slovakia

    Nice hikes and views


    The park offers a lot of nice hikes and views. It is served by public transportation, so you can easily find transportation from one place to another. In general though it is not too exciting, and I would say any mountains in Europe/America offer the same or better scenery and hiking. Still a nice thing to do though!
  • julesclose

    Singapore, Singapore

    Traveler type:


    Beautiful scenery and wonderful weather


    A lovely place with fresh air, good views in the cool of December. Suggest to layer your attire as it can be chilly at times when it’s windy but warm when the sun comes out. Most locals pack a picnic / snack to sit and enjoy while they are there.
  • maryyeo

    Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    Traveler type:


    Easy to hike as paths are well-built and well-maintained, Many different gorgeous spots to visit


    The idea of hiking a mountain with two city kids below 5 years old NEVER crossed my mind. We were so glad we did the one-hour 1.6km trail from LengShuiKeng to QingTianGang and it was unforgettable. Tiring but satisfying, a metaphorical badge of honor for us and the little ones to encourage each other that we had accomplished this, and surely we can overcome other mountains/obstacles together as a family too. And since we didn't initially plan to hike, so we brought along our stroller that we had to lug up all the steep mountain steps. On hindsight, better not to bring it or to leave it behind in your full-day booked car. For non-experienced hikers, you'll be pleased to find that the trails are very well-marked with clear distance-markers along the way and relatively easy to follow. For those who don't intend to hike, almost all spots are reachable by car, such as: (1) Datun Nature Park - for its pristine lake (2) Xiaoyoukeng, means "small oil pit" on Mt Qixing - highest point in Taipei and able to see the rest of the mountains, especially famous for the sulphur-dioxide 'yellow gas' emitting from the fumaroles on this old volcano. Pretty cool sight and so many people taking wedding photos here with the ethereal-looking smoke and mountain full of bushy cat willows in the background used for Sun Yanzi's famous MTV. (3) Lengshuikeng, means, "cold water pit" - dried up lake's landscape and some hotsprings (4) Qingtiangang Grassland - where the cows graze. Therapeutic views. (5) LUNCH @ 华之友自然景观农园 - 'Singaporean zichar' aka casual dining in a mountain top garden cafe (6) Shimendong - on a beach at the foot of the mountain (7) Baishawan Beach + North Coast Exploratorium We only ended up visiting (2), (3), (4) and they were GORGEOUS, passed by instead of visiting Shimendong and Baishawan as those involves too much walking, went to Linshan Cape and Isabella cafe instead, and ate at "Cao Ni Ma", a petting cafe with super friendly llamas - to cover in its own review.

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