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The Lin Family Mansion and Garden 林本源園邸

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Over one hundred years ago when the Tamsui River was a popular transportation route, a wealthy family surnamed Lin moved from Taoyuan to Banqiao (which was then called Fangciao). The family later to ok on the work of urban development and transformation in a single handed manner. Because of their efforts, the family successfully expanded their business operation in this district. The family also fulfilled their social responsibilities by opening schools and stopping constant armed fights between two major groups of Chinese immigrants. Therefore, their residence, Lin Family Garden, was the center of the city’s development at the time. As time goes by, The Lin Family Mansion and Garden is now a second-degree historical site of over 6,000 pings, which are made up by two major parts: mansions and gardens. Some of its architecture has been preserved and some of Lin’s family members still live here. Although it is surrounded by busy roads, a night market, clothes shop and buildings, you kind of enter into another world one hundred years ago when you walk in. The traditional landscape architectures in the Lin Family Garden boast the best in Taiwan, the precious cultural heritage left by Lin’s ancestors. The visit to this place is like reading old stories of the city, just like a Taiwanese version of the classical novel Red Chamber Dream.


Northern Taiwan
Family、Campus teaching
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9, Xiamen Street, Banqiao Dist., New Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C

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