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Fulong Beach 福隆海水浴場

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Fulong Beach is located at the mouth of Shuangxi River at Santiaowan, Gongliao Township, Taipei County. The beach stretches as long as 3 kilometers with golden sand. It has always been a summer resort in northern Taiwan. Every summer, a good number of tourists would gather here to swim and enjoy the sun. Fulong Beach was famous during the Japnaese occupation of Taiwan. 24 hectares in area, Fulong Beach faces the Pacific Ocean and has special golden sand. It is the most famous beach in northern Taiwan, just as Kengting is the most famous beach in southern Taiwan. In addition, the plants and ecological environment near the Shuangxi River are educational for the visitors.Fulong has long been the most popular swimming beach on the Northeast Coast. In addition to the open beach, the calm and sheltered water of the Shuangxi River, which empties into the ocean here, makes this an ideal spot for wind surfing, canoeing, and other non-powered boating activities. The large sandy beach itself is perfect for swimming, sun-bathing, and other beach recreation. The red-roofed, white-walled headquarters building of the northeast Coast National Scenic Area is located near the entrance to Fulung Beach. Next to the headquarters is a Visitor Center with exhibits, video briefings, and other information on the rich variety of natural and cultural resources on the Northeast Coast. Fulong Beach is currently under the management of the Taiwan Pineapple Co. Various types of equipment are available for rent, including kickboards, inflatable swimming rings, and four-person rubber boats. A variety of other water and beach activities are offered for a fee.
[source: Tourism Bureau, Republic of China (Taiwan)]


Northern Taiwan
Family、Campus teaching
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Fulong Visitor Center
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40 Xinglong Street, Fulong Vil, Gongliao Dist., New Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C

Opening Hours

NTD $100

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