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Wanqingyan Qingshui Temple 萬慶巖清水祖師廟

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In seeking tranquility for the mind and soul, and in hopes of spiritual guidance, the early settlers in Wenshan District transported Qingshui, a Chinese deity from their hometown, Anxi, and built a temple to enshrine it at the confluence point of Xindian River and Jingmei River, an area that was called the “Xizaikou”. “Wanqingyan” was completed in 1831 (the 11th year of Emperor Daoguang’s reign). Qingshui was named Chen Zhao (Yin) in Henan during the Song Dynasty. He was said to have helped alleviate drought in Anxi with his fervent prayers, the locals persuaded him to stay. He then stayed at Qingxi (today’s Anxi, Fujian) and practiced Buddhism for 19 years before attaining enlightenment, and was deified after death. He became one of the important deities in the Anxi region, and is also known by other names: Ancestor, Black-faced Ancestor, Dipped-nose Ancestor, Immortal Qingshui and Master Mazhang. 
Given its proximity to Jingmei River, “Wanqingyan” was susceptible to floods. Having also experienced multiple road demolition works, it was relocated to the current site at long last, inside the levee, after its reconstruction. At present, in addition to the three statues of the god being treasures of the temple, there are important historical artifacts, such as the century old plaque with the inscription “Kai Men Gan Lu” (Open the door to receive sacred sweet dew) and the stone made “Wanqingyan” censer with “the 18th year of Emperor Daoguang’s reign” (year 1836) inscription. In early times, people used the stone censer as a whetstone, resulting in an obvious arc-shaped dent on its appearance. There is a cultural gallery set up beside the temple displaying photographs of the Jingmei area in the olden days. It is definitely worth your visit for a closer look. 


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No. 124, Wanqing Street, Wenshan Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C

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