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2018 Taipei Lunar New Year Festival

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2018 Taipei Lunar New Year Festival
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Dihua St. Shopping District, Ningxia Shopping District, Huayin St. District, Taipei Station Wholesale Market, Taipei City Mall, Rongbin Shopping District, Datong Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
The Dihua New Year's Goods shopping street will be in place from February 1st to 14th, featuring hundreds of stands selling classic or trendy items. There will be 15 food trucks at Yongle Plaza during the period as well. On weekends, chefs are invited to demonstrate how they prepare New Year's dishes, and visitors can also pour their emotions and creativity into making red envelopes and New Year’s banners. Vintage style clothing and cute dog costumes are also available for people to take fun photos with, sitting in front of an AR technology backdrop. This year's festival has been expanded to Ningxia Night market, Taipei Station Wholesale Market, Rongbin Shopping District and Taipei City Mall, immersing visitors from all places in the lively, colorful Chinese New Year experience in Taipei.