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2018 Nuit Blanche Taipei

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2018 Nuit Blanche Taipei
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Sec. 1~3, Zhongshan N. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
First launched in 2016, Nuit Blanche Taipei attracts more than 200,000 people annually who come to experience art and cultural activities and the charms of Taipei at night, creating a new record for an open-air art event. This year marks the third edition of Nuit Blanche Taipei, which will be held from 6:00 p.m. on October 6 to 6:00 a.m. on October 7, along Zhongshan North Road between section one and three. The areas around the Yuanshan MRT Station and the Nanjing West Road Commercial District will be the northern and southern main sites of this event, gathering at least 70 performances and 43 art installations this year.

This year curator Sean C.S. Hu serves as Nuit Blanche Taipei’s artistic director. Under the  curatorial theme of Upside Down City, the public is encouraged to open their minds for viewing people and things, and to discover extraordinary Taipei cityscapes. Zhongshan North Road was chosen as this year’s venue because of its many stories from different periods of Taipei’s history. These include government buildings constructed during the Japanese occupation era (1895-1945), entertainment and commercial venues from the time of the US military presence in Taiwan, and today’s cultural diversity from the gathering of migrant workers. In addition, there are offices and shops representative of the financial, wedding photography and information industries, which point to Taiwan’s economic strength. These sections of Zhongshan North Road symbolize the development of Taiwan over the past century and are worth taking a closer look at from both domestic and international perspectives for their history, geography, industries and culture. With the theme of Upside Down City, Nuit Blanche Taipei encourages exploration and the revealing of stories, It reverses and transforms the urban streets into museums without walls, urban stages, and street theaters, which worth fun strolls with endless thrill!

2018 Nuit Blanche Taipei has announced its program. The official website( also launched to reveal the information of the event. Please find the press release and material in the attachment and  feel free to contact us for enquiries.