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2018 Taipei Multicultural Activities~ Water Lantern Festival

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2018 Taipei Multicultural   Activities~ Water Lantern Festival
Event Time
Department of Civil Affairs
Event Location
Cheng Mei Riverside Park / Rainbow Bridge, Songshan Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
Water lantern culture in several Southeast Asian nations, is filled with a lot of beautiful and spectacular images ~

Water lanterns slowly drift down the water, giving thanks to the Goddess of the Water for the abundant water supply during the whole year, and make a good wish for the coming year. This year’s Water Lantern Festival will be held at the Cheng Mei Riverside Park / Rainbow Bridge.

Citizens and sightseers do not need to go abroad but can experience the romance of the water lantern culture right here. Southeast Asian gourmet DIY, trying on traditional costumes, playing with toys and musical instruments from native countries, songs and dance numbers from our new immigrant friends are some of the activities included. Of course, there will be the incredible water lantern DIY!This year,we specially add romantic love elements into the water lantern festival ,as the sun begins to set on the evening sky, watch your unique lantern carrying love to drift out into the water ,shining as the fantastic love river in the night of the city~
It’s an incredible experience you don’t want to miss!