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2019 Xi Kou Festival

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2019 Xi Kou Festival
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, Songshan Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
Over years, attendees from different industry dedicate to outspreading local cultural specialties, by adjoining regional events- the sequence of birthday celebration for Black Faced Mazu from Songshan Ciyou Temple. The 13th year of Xi Kou Festival continued the tradition of 13 villages parade, folklore festivities and performance, adding Awa Odori Dance from Kouenji Temple in Tokyo Japan into the festival, and renovating Xikou Wharf as a paradise for family. Hawkers with giant toys, Parents & Kids Costume Competition and other entertainment for citizens of all ages, Xikou Songshan is devoted to creating an era of coexistence and prosperity among generations, with visions of being "Healthy, Safe, Eco-friendly, and Convenient." district.