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Taipei Film Festival

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Taipei Film Festival
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Taipei Zhongshan Hall, Huashan Spot Theater, Shin Kong Cinemas, Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
A milestone in film industry, Taipei Film Festival marks its 22nd anniversary this year. It holds a competition exclusively aiming at Taiwanese filmmakers in Taipei Film Awards and encourages new filmmakers in International New Talent Competition. The festival magnifies releasing Taiwanese films, outstanding new filmmakers and global exchanges with corresponding workshops such as "before- and behind-the-scenes with the audience," summer markets, talks about sharing thoughts of films and filmmakers, and the cinephile club, as well as other programs. The festival shortens the distance between the audience and creators in understanding film production. Taipei Film Festival carries on every possibility for Taiwanese cinemas by continuously encouraging and discovering new filmmakers..