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2020 Taipei Arts Festival

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2020 Taipei Arts Festival
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Venue: All the show spaces in Taipei City

The Taipei Arts Festival is an important cultural policy that has been implemented by the Taipei City Government since 1998. In recent years, it is jointly organized by the Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government and Taipei Culture Foundation. It encourages young people to create, providing an important platform for outstanding artistic talents to be creative, integrating relevant art resources and showing rich and diverse art cross-border cooperation. Every summer, the focused and intensive performances promote the popularization of art education, offering  citizens a profound and beautiful aesthetic experience and creating a common memory of this generation for the general public. At the same time, by organizing related events, the festival opens the possibility of cross-border cooperation, activates cultural and creative industries, promoting the development of Taipei's international tourism and introducing the image of cultural city of Taipei to the international community.