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2022 Guandu International Nature Art Festival

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2022 Guandu International Nature Art Festival
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Event Location
Guandu Nature Park, Beitou Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
The venue for this festival is Guandu Nature Park, a place focused on conservation. The event is rooted in the Guandu Wetland an area with high conservation value and a rich river mouth culture. It creates a space for dialogue between people, art, and nature and explores the relationship between people and nature. The aim is re-balancing the relationship between modern society and the natural environment. Each year, artists from Taiwan and overseas are invited to create works using natural elements that convey the beauty of art and the concern for the environment in situ, creating a perfect conversation between art and nature. Audience participation is emphasized in the creation process, merging local spirit into the works through conversation and cooperation to raise the level of the aesthetic experience.