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2023 Baosheng Cultural festival

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Baosheng Cultural festival, 2023
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財團法人台北保安宮 (大同區公所)
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Dalongdong Bao’an Temple, Datong Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
The Baosheng Cultural Festival was developed by Dalongtong Bao’an Temple to celebrate the birth of Grand Emperor Baosheng on the 15th day of the third lunar month. It mainly features Surname Folk Opera, a Fire Lion show, the traditional Ceremony of the Three Offerings, a Feast for the Gods ceremony, and worship ceremonies for the birthdays of the Goddess of Child Birth and the Mazu. Activities also include a ceremony for the birthday of the Grand Emperor Shennong, free medical examinations, medical care service awards, and academic seminars. The Baosheng Cultural Festival is a unique traditional god-thanking activity combining life aesthetics and art, with traditional and modern elements. The event attracts a large number of people, creating a bustling atmosphere.