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2023 Taipei Film Festival

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Taipei Film Festival, 2023
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Event Location:Taipei City Zhongshan Hall, SPOT-Huashan, Xinyi Vieshow Cinemas

The Taipei Film Festival is in its 25th year in 2023. It continues to have two important competitions, namely the Taipei Film Awards, commending Taiwanese in the film industry, and the International New Talent Competition that commends new international directors. Related activities are held for new Taiwanese films, new directors and international exchange, including a festival preparatory school, summer surprise market, festival focus discussions, face-to-face meeting so people in the film industry, and a “Film Buff Club” that will allow people to get close to creators and understand the context of creation. The Taipei Film Festival’s aim continues be the encouragement and discovery of new film talent and create opportunities for the film and TV industry in Taiwan.

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