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Taipei Zoo Four Seasons Visitor Calendar

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Taipei Zoo Four Seasons Visitor Calendar
Event Time
Event Location
No. 30, Sec.2, Xinguang Rd., Wenshan Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
Chinese New Year: Year of the Chicken Good-Fortune Exhibition 
(Bird World, Public Square)
1. Hundred-chicken Prosperity Exhibition: Outdoor displays, scheduled workshops.
2. God of Fortune Red Envelope Giveaway: God of Fortune puppet photo taking opportunity, and red envelope giveaways.
3. Fortune Animal Welcoming the New Year: Animal Puppet New Year photo taking opportunity

Lantern Festival: 2017 New Year Welcoming and Animal Lantern Riddle Event 
(Public Square)
Animal puppet shows, street buskers, lantern riddles, DIY lantern-making.

Dragon Boat Festival:  Five Poisonous Creatures Special Exhibit
 (Amphibian and Reptile House)
Animal exhibition, dragon boat festival cultural introduction, zoo keeper introduction, and Q&A with prizes.

Taipei Zoo’s 2017 Zoolloween Fair
1. Special exhibition at the Education Centre based around seasonal pumpkins.
2. 28th October: Zoo Anniversary Conservation Fair and Zoolloween animal fancy dress party. People are invited to dress up in animal-themed fancy dress to enter the zoo; opening hours are extended to 9 pm. 

Mid-autumn Festival: Leisure Moonlight Gala 
(Public Square)
Featuring band performances, creative pomelo-lantern competition, and animal area open to visitors.

Location:Taipei Zoo