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Guandu International Outdoor Sculpture Festival

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Guandu Rd, Beitou Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
Guandu International Outdoor Sculpture Festival, dating back to 2006, was Taiwan's first large-scale natural art event held in a conservation park. The park is located in Guandu wetland, a place with unique estuary culture and diverse ecosystem. The festival takes place annually and invites artists all over the world to create site-specific outdoor installations by using natural materials. The purpose of this event is not only about art and aesthetics but also about delivering the message of the importance of caring for the environment. Public participation also plays a part in this event. Through communication and cooperation with local communities and volunteers, artists are able to learn from local wisdom and try to blend in the local culture in their works.

With the experience gathered in the previous ten years, this art event reached a new stage by being renamed “Guandu International Nature Art Festival “in 2016.  The triangle composed of river culture, wetland conservation, and environmental art is still the solid foundation of the curatorial concepts.  This Festival is expected to serve as a catalyst to deepen the public's awareness of our environment, as well as care for local culture.  It is hoped that every single participant of this festival will take the initiative to connect with their surroundings, to get inspired by nature, and to make an effort to find a way to a sustainable future.

Location:Guandu Nature Park, Taipei