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North-Mazu Cultural Festival

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No. 84, Danan Rd, Shilin Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
The Mazu Cultural Festival of Northern Taiwan

Since 2004, religious communities across Taipei had begun receiving the "golden-faced Mazu statue" originally enshrined in the "Qing Dynasty Taipei Prefecture Dame Mazu Temple" - located at the back of the present-day National Taiwan Museum (the statue was relocated to Little Keelung Fucheng Temple in Sanzhi District, New Taipei City) - to her original temple site in Taipei. The move was met with warm reception.  

Departments of Civil Affairs under different local administrations across northern Taiwan, along with many Mazu Temples, started to expand the Mazu Cultural Festival since 2006 in hopes of preserving and promoting Taiwan's unique folk religious beliefs rooted in Mazu.  Counties and cities in northern Taiwan took turns hosting the festival since 2011.

Location:Shilin Ci Xian Temple


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