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Shilin Night Market

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Post date:2011-05-18


One of the must-visit tourist spots in Taiwan is the Shilin Tourist Night Market. The market is the largest night market in Taipei, covering several bustling streets. There are more than 500 stores and vendors in the market, so visitors can shop to their hearts’ content. The night market encompasses two distinct sections. One section is housed in the Shilin Market building. The food court on the first underground floor holds many snack vendors. The other section centered on the Yangming Cinema, consisting of a cluster of stores. Shoppers start to arrive at the night market every evening. The night market is always jam-packed and traffic is slow moving, and its sounds combine with the sales pitches of vendors hawking their wares. Many mouth-watering Taiwanese snacks can be found at the night market, such as "little-bun-wrapped-in-big-bun,” "deep-fried chicken cutlets," "sautéed octopus," "stinky tofu," "jumbo-sized Shilin sausage," "oyster omelet," "Shanghai pan-fried buns," and "ribs stewed in medicinal herbs." Make sure to visit the night market’s shopping streets after satisfying your taste buds. Products such as fashionable T-shirts, athletic shoes, and clothing for young women and men are high-quality and inexpensive. This place is a shopping paradise for throngs of young people and students from around the Taipei area. Are you tired? There are plentiful foot massage shops in the night market, which will help you get rid of your exhaustion in no time. What are you waiting for? Head to Shilin Tourist Night Market tonight!