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Taipei Fine Arts Museum

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Post date:2009-07-16


Taipei Fine Arts Museum
The Taipei Fine Arts Museum officially opened in 1983. It was the nation’s first museum devoted primarily to the promotion and display of modern art, and over the years has held numerous international exhibitions. Beginning in 1998, it has been the site of the “Taipei Biennial,” a much anticipated event that attracts participation from artists throughout the world. If you love art, you’ll surely want to join in this cultural dialogue of the soul.
Just as the content of its exhibits, the museum building is quite modern in appearance. While the interior layout of main and secondary spaces borrow from the quadrangle courtyard concept in traditional Chinese architecture, the overall structure’s layered texture and simple shot-concrete walls combine to create a very modern effect. From a distance, the building itself could be mistaken for a modern sculpture!
At night, the colored lights projected onto the museum’s outer walls interplay with the street lamps, providing a pleasant nightscape for those in the vicinity. TFAM has extended its services on Saturday nights to 8:30pm, so you can double your pleasure—great works of art inside and brilliant night scenery outside, totally free of charge!
Next to TFAM is a European-looking building known as the “Taipei Story House,” converted from a tea merchant’s villa built during the Period of Japanese Occupation. When you’ve finished exploring the museum, stop by for a relaxing cup of tea in Tudor-style elegance!


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