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Baoan Temple

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Post date:2009-07-16


Baoan Temple
Located near Taipei Metro Yuanshan Station, Dalongdong Baoan Temple is a historic monument in Taipei. Dalongdong, the area where the Temple situated is one of the earliest settlements of Han People in Taipei Basin. Suffering from endemic sickness, immigrants from China went back to their native places in the middle of 18th century to beg Baosheng Emperor, a revered god of medicine, for sharing his spiritual power to Taiwan to protect local worshippers. In 1760, in remembrance of Baosheng Emperor’s blessing and protection, believers remodeled the original shabby wooden shrine to a temple. Backed by funds raised on its own, Baoan Temple launched a major restoration project in 1995. The success of this project not only set a new example of historic monument conservation in Taiwan but also was recognized in 2003 by the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards for Culture Conservation.
Vintage architecture would be the first to welcome you the moment - you step into Baoan Temple. A complete three-hall formation, triple-gate roof ridges with traditional wooden structure, and wide yet thin bricks and tiles reflect early settlers’ ancestral background and exhibit architectural features with historical significance. Delicate wood carvings, stone carvings, color paintings, clay sculptures, and figurine motifs that can be seen everywhere in the temple contain profound connotation. Come and explore to find out more whys and wherefores. Feel free to book guided tour service on-line for an in-depth journey of religious monuments and elegant architectures.
Each year on lunar March 15, Baosheng Emperor’s birthday, Baoan Temple organizes a series of temple fairs in the theme of Baosheng Cultural Festival that integrates tradition with modern components. With various folklore events of Parading the Neighborhood, Firework Show, Surname Folk Opera, Exhibition of Historic Relics, Guided Tours, Painting and Photography Contest, and Academic Seminars, Baosheng Cultural Festival has become a grand showcase of temple festivity in Northern Taiwan, while the culture of folklore belief has also been turned into a feast of delicate temple arts.


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