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Zhinan Temple

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Post date:2009-07-16


Zhinan Temple
Located on the Maokong Gondola Line, getting to Zhinan Temple is very convenient. Apart from the usual prayers, you can also walk around nearby sights like the Taipei Zoo and Maokong tea plantations. In addition to arriving via the Maokong Gondola, you may choose to just follow Zhinan Rd (next to Chengchi University) all the way to the temple. Along the way you’ll enjoy lovely views of tea plantations scattered among the mountains of Mucha, as well as a stupendous view of the Taipei Basin!
Zhinan Temple is one of Taiwan’s famous Daoist temples. Daoism is an ancient religion originating in China, centered on belief in the dao or “way.” Practitioners believe the dao to be the source from which the entire universe was created.
Once inside Zhinan Temple, you’ll see a plaque with the inscription “The supreme mountain under heaven” hanging in the main hall. Apart from describing the beauty and spiritual quality of the surrounding mountain scenery, the inscription alludes to the power of the temple’s patron god, Lu Dongbin. Lu is the most famous of the “Eight Immortals” of Chinese mythology, his great powers described in a number of folk tales. If you’re intrigued by this legendary character, by all means, swing by the temple to learn more!


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