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the historic Bopiliao area

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Post date:2010-09-01


Heritage and Culture Education Center of Taipei (the historic Bopiliao area )
If you exit the Metro at the Longshan Temple Station, and walk past Longshan Temple along Herbal Lane, you will see a row of red brick walls, an arched breezeway, and classic Western-style buildings with carved windows. This very special area is called "Bopiliao."
Bopiliao preserves a city street scene from the Qing Dynasty in almost intact form. Apart from the site of Laosong Elementary School, the district also contains 64 old buildings that have been preserved. Located on the eastern side of the district, the "Heritage and Culture Education Center of Taipei" serves as a bridge to education and community culture. The Center contains displays of early building structures and building materials, as well as valuable early artifacts such as medicine packets and medicine grinding equipment.
The western side of the district preserves traditional building facades from the Qing Dynasty. The location of what was originally a fire water storage pond has been made into a square, and the buildings on the old street recreate such old Taipei businesses as Jih-hsiang Travel, Feng-hsiang Plumbing, and Hsiu-ying Teahouse. This district not only preserves the details of ordinary people’s lives in times gone by, but also bears witness to early local development in the area.
The district’s old-fashioned atmosphere has not only featured in the Taiwan-made movie "Monga," but has also attracted foreign film producers looking for historical scenery. In addition, numerous soon-to-be-married couples come here for their wedding photographs, and the area thus appears prominently in many people’s most cherished memories.
When you walk through the red brick breezeway of Bopiliao, it is as if you have journeyed into the past. For a delightfully nostalgic experience, this area is not to be missed!


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