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Beitou Park

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Post date:2010-09-06


Beitou Park
Beitou Park, one of Taipei’s older parks, was constructed in 1911 along the banks of the Beitou Stream. The area is filled with numerous plants and trees along the banks of a slow stream with natural hot spring water. The murmuring sound complemented by the white steam that it emits reveals the uniqueness of this hot spring area.
It’s very easy to pay a visit to Beitou Park. Just take the MRT to the Xinbeitou Branch and get off at the Xinbeitou Station, cross the street, and you’re there! The fountain at the entrance to Beitou Park, following the tempo of music sometimes slow and other times quick, makes for an entertaining hourly water show to greet everybody. And at night colorful lights bring even more passers-by to enjoy the scenery.
Going up Zhongshan Road will take you by Ketagalan Culture Center, Beitou Hot Springs Museum, and the open-air hot springs. You will then come to a Japanese-style wood building capped by black tiles and with large floor-to-ceiling windows. Yes, this was the summer retreat and retirement home of the late modern master of cursive calligraphy, Yu Youren. The two characters at the entrance, Meiting (meaning “Plum Garden”), are written by his own hand.
The Plum Garden, built during the Second World War, has a display inside featuring an introduction to the life of Yu Youren along with various artifacts, such as his calligraphy. These provide visitors with a further understanding of their historical and cultural value. The permanent display and visitor’s center offer audiences explanatory notes and tourist information on the Xinbeitou area as well. Come and enjoy this elegant Japanese-style building and its pure and serene courtyard!


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