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Post date:2010-09-14


Taipei Zoo
Taipei Zoo is one of the top 10 city zoos in the world. You only need to take Metro Wenhu Line and get off at Taipei Zoo Station to reach the zoo.
The zoo has more than 400 species of animals, and contains more than 2,500 individual animals, not including insects. Among the seven indoor display areas, visitors can see Taiwan’s endemic butterflies in the Insectarium. You can also visit the super popular Koala House and Penguin House, and see the pandas Tuantuan and Yuanyuan, as well as the new panda baby Yuanzai born in 2013.
The Asian elephant "Grandpa Linwang," who lived to 86 years old, was once the super star at the zoo. Elephant Linwang lived 20 years more than the average life span of Asian elephants, and set a record as the longest-lived elephant. After his death, Linwang was made into a specimen, and is the largest Asian elephant specimen in the world. You can see him in the Education Center.
The zoo has are eight outdoor exhibition areas based on geographic regions that serve exhibition and environmental education functions. Among these, the Children’s Zoo, Formosan Animal Area, and African Animal Area are the most popular areas according to the zoo’s online voting survey. Formosan black bears, Formosan Rock macaques, and Swinhoe’s pheasants in the Formosan Animal Area are endemic animals that only exist in Taiwan, definitely worth a look!


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