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Beitou Library

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Post date:2010-09-14


Beitou Library
Most people know that Beitou is famous for its hot springs. But perhaps you don’t know that there’s a very special library located in Beitou Park, which has a wonderful ecological environment. The library is next to the Beitou Hot Spring Museum.
Taipei Public Library Beitou Branch has received a Green Building candidate certificate on the basis of nine elements, and is the first library in a green building in Taiwan. The entire building is constructed with wood and steel, and large French windows are used to admit natural light. The design of the library is skillfully integrated with the natural environment, so that the library looks like a large tree house, which gives it a sense of intimacy.
The library, from inside out, is very environmentally conscious. The roof has 96 solar panels, each panel generates 170 watts per hour, and the array as a whole generates 16 kW in total. The power generated by the solar panels is enough for a family’s power consumption for two or three days. The railings on the balcony have a special environmental function as well. Their vertical grid design keeps radiation from getting into the building, which results in energy savings. The special drainage design employing rooftop grass allows the recycling of natural water, which is used to water plants and flush toilets. Furthermore, environmentally-friendly paint is used to reduce pollution and emission of toxic substances.
When you are in Beitou, apart from soaking in the hot springs, please make sure to visit Taipei Public Library Beitou Branch for a forest bath that combines historical scholarship with nature.


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