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Yangming Park

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Post date:2010-09-14


Yangming Park
Yangming Park is situated on the north side of Taipei, and is about 17 kilometers from the city center. Because the park was covered with grass, it was originally called "Grass Mountain." After the Japanese era, in order to commemorate the Ming Dynasty scholar Wang Yangming, Grass Mountain was renamed Yangmingshan in 1950, and the Yangmingshan Administration was set up to develop the national park.

Yangming Park has an area of 107 hectares and is located mainly on Mt. Datun. With a height of 445 meters, the park is surrounded by Mt. Qixing in the rear, Mt. Shamao on the left, and Mt. Datun on the right. The park also has a great view of the ridges of distant Mt. Guanyin. The climate here is warm and humid, and thanks to relatively cool summer temperatures, the park is a perfect place to escape the heat. The park is the only natural place in Taiwan that possesses dormant volcanos, sulfur fumaroles, and hot springs.

The park is planted with plum, cherry, peach, azalea and camellia blossoms, and consistently attracts throngs of people to view the cherry blossoms every spring. There is also a flower clock that is assembled from various seasonal flowers. Do not forget to take a picture with this flower clock, which is the showpiece of Yangming Park, when you are here.

In Yangming Park, visitors can view the flowers in spring, escape the scorching heat in summer, watch the silvergrass flowers and colorful leaves in the fall, and soak in the hot springs in winter. Yangming Park offers different stunning views and enjoyment throughout the four seasons. Its wonders await your exploration.


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