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Beitou Park Outdoor Hot Spring Bathing Pool

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Post date:2015-11-24


Beitou Park Outdoor Hot Spring Bathing Pool
To visit the open-air hot spring pools in Beitou Park, just walk from the parking entrance toward Thermal Valley, and they are only a 15-minute walk.
The park was only opened in late 1999, on the eve of the new millennium, and is therefore also known as the "Millennium Hot Spring." The pools occupy roughly 1,000 square meters, and the area features a Japanese-style architectural design employing mostly natural materials such as stone and wood. The roof of the ticket booth and bathhouse consist of curved black tiles, which add to the classic Japanese atmosphere.
The hot spring water in the park comes from Thermal Valley, and is derived from so-called green sulfur springs. The six public pools are located at different heights reflecting the sloping topography; four are hot pools, and two are cold pools. The temperature of the hot springs water varies between 38°C and 42°C, and decreases progressively as one goes downhill. This system allows bathers to select a hot spring pool with the temperature that suits them best.
One benefit of bathing in an outdoor pool is that you can enjoy the gentle breeze, the pleasant sounds of nature, and the park’s lush greenery as you soak. If you choose to bathe at night, the bright moon and countless stars will accompany you as you soak away the weariness and stress of urban life.
It should be noted that, in order to maintain the cleanliness and safety of the pools and the surrounding environment, visitors must wear swimsuits when bathing, and must uphold bathing rules. The pools are open for six periods every day, and first open at 5:30 in the morning. Please visit the park’s website for detailed bathing hours and other relevant information.

Do you enjoy outdoor hot springs bathing? Why not have a soak at the Beitou Park Outdoor Hot Spring Pool!


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