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Published date:2022-01-14


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★Must-Eats by Districts
What would you like to eat today? From the latest social media sensations in the East District and new favorites in Xinyi Shopping District to the time-honored flavors in historic Dadaocheng, alluring street food in Gongguan, famous restaurants around Yongkang Street and traditional cuisines in Ximending, Taipei’s various commercial districts offer a huge variety of amazing food for you to try!

★Michelin Guide Taipei: Night Markets
Among 58 Bib Gourmand establishments in the Michelin Guide Taipei 2021 selection, 23 stalls are from various Taipei night markets. Let's visit five night markets and try out some of these Bib Gourmand delicacies!

★Taipei Foods at Dusk and Dawn
Whether you’re making a brief trip into - or just leaving - Taipei during its witching hours of dimmed neon lights or its stirring hours of early morning, there is always somewhere for you to grab a bite to eat.

★Vegetarian Trends
A wide variety of vegetarian restaurants has made Taipei a food paradise for many domestic and foreign tourists. With trendy places, innovative ingredients and cooking methods, Taipei’s food scene will redefine your understanding of vegetarian food.

★Snacks To Go / Convenience Store Popular Items
Taipei is the first stop for most tourists arriving in Taiwan. They do their best to sample every dish and buy local souvenirs as they explore Taipei's streets.