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Outdoor Cinema to Take Place at Xinyi Square

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Post date:2017-10-03


Press bureau:Department of Information Technology


Outdoor Cinema to Take Place at Xinyi Square
Are you a movie enthusiast? Do you feel like watching a film under the starry night? Nan Shan Life Insurance Co. will hold an open-air cinema at Xinyi Square (at the Songzhi Road and Songlian Road intersection) between 5 PM and 9 PM on Saturdays of October 14, November 11, and December 16!

According to Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO), the city government encourages corporations to adopt public parks, greens, and plazas as a way to beautify the cityscape and push Taipei forward on the path to a livable city incorporating resources from the private sector.Xinyi Square, located in the vicinity of Xinyi Administrative Center and Taipei World Trade Center Hall 2, is a boisterous hub frequented by tourists and business people.

PSLO thanked Nan Shan for taking responsibility for the upkeep of the plaza, providing the public with a pleasant location for rest.The films to be aired on October 14 are the 2017 Oscar Winner for Animated Feature Film “Zootopia” and “Collateral Beauty” starring A-list Hollywood actress Kate Winslet and actor Will Smith. Each screening session will feature two movies. The organizers will also bring audience a bird’s eye view of Xinyi District at night employing virtual reality technologies among other interactive activities.

Visit the activity website to register and get a souvenir: (Chinese)