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The Bunun Anlazaan at the 2017 Taipei Naruwan Cultural Festival

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Post date:2017-10-12


Press bureau:Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government


Since the first Taipei Naruwan Festival in 2010, the cultural event has become an important occasion for indigenous people living in northern Taiwan. Over the past 7 years, the event has highlighted different cultural themes from the tribes of Rukai, Seediq, Puyuma, Amis, Atayal, Paiwan, and Taroko.

The event sees the participation of numerous organizations and agencies related to indigenous affairs across the northern municipalities of Taipei, New Taipei, Keelung, and Taoyuan. Through traditional rituals, sports competitions, and cultural and arts exhibitions, the organizers seek to strengthen exchange among indigenous people living in the cities while highlighting Taipei’s nature as a diverse and friendly city.

The 2017 Taipei Naruwan Festival will take place at the Tianmu Sports Park on November 4. This year, the event spotlights the unique culture of the Bunun people. On October 16, there will be an opening press event and a special event concert for the event at the Guoguang Hall of CPC Building on October 16.

Truku Harvest Festival -- A sports meet for indigenous peopleOn the day of the main event (Nov. 4), Bunun representatives will kick-off the celebrations with traditional tribal blessing ritual encompassing those performed for <i>Anlazaan</i> (harvest festival), followed by a performance of the <i>Pasibutbut</i> (eight-part harmonic choir) and other activities. Bunun celebrities – including Golden Melody Awards winner and Golden Bell Awards nominee Biung and Golden Melody Awards nominee Tulbus Mangququ and Bunun Warriors – will bring music characterized by ethnic fusion merging with elements of classic, jazz, tribal songs, Latin American music, and gospel hymns.   

In the area of traditional sports competitions, the festival will organize tournaments in archery (“Ear-shooting”), wood-sawing, heavy-load relay, tug-of-wars, Bunun sprint, and Bunun “stacking” race. Furthermore, to educate the public on Bunun culture and customs, the family sports day event will integrate elements of Bunun traditional festivals, mythology, and stories. A total of 15 gaming zones will include fun-filled activities such as top-spinning, fire-starting hero, shooting the sun, eight-part choir, calendar puzzle, Bunun weaving, dance of the cobra, and more!

Spotlighting the Bunun people this year, the Taipei Naruwan Cultural Festival accepts the registration and entry of 40 teams for the competition. To encourage the public to form team and compete in the tournament, the organizer Taipei City Government offers cash and abundant prizes as incentives.

For more information on registration or details on the activities, please call the Indigenous People’s Commission (TEL: 02-2720-6001, ext. 39) or the 1999 Citizens Hotline (ext. 2080).

Truku Tribe's Harvest Festival -- A sports meet for indigenous people