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Mayor Goes Retro at Dadaocheng 1920 Dress-up Party

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Post date:2017-10-16


Press bureau:Department of Information Technology


Sporting a retro-style suit, Mayor Ko Wen-je attended the “Historic Block Bus Debut and Dadaocheng 1920 Dress-up Party” during a press event promoting the culturally-rich center of Taipei on October 14. In addition to unveiling the G17 theme bus, Ko also received briefings on the progress of Yongle Market renovation and Dadaocheng City Museum implementation, envisioning that Dadaocheng will become an iconic example of the capital when it comes to city museums following the completion of the designated pedestrian-only zone.He later embarked on a tour of the historic block and visited the 1920 Dadaocheng Journey of Democracy to learn about the cultural and humanistic heritage of the area.According to the mayor, Dihua Street boasts three characteristics – tea, fabric, and Chinese medicine.

Yongle Fabric Market, in particular, continues to evolve by incorporating innovative elements while preserving the traditional essence of the City’s textile industry. The garment of Taipei City Mascot Bravo the bear is a product of the marketplace, he noted. Asked by the media about his amusing outfit, Ko quipped that “actors have no say over the choice of costumes,” adding that he had no problems being compared with showbiz figures Huang His-tien or Chen Lei because of their similar old-school choice of outfit.

Concerning the water leakage problem at Yongle Market even after an overhaul costing NT$60 million, the mayor replied that he will instruct Market Administration Office to address the matter.