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City Holds Culinary Event to Mark First Day of Visa Waiver Policy for Filipinos

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Post date:2017-11-02


Press bureau:Department of Information Technology


To echo Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ visa-waiver program for tourists from the Philippines starting November 1, Department of Information and Tourism (TPEDOIT) organized a culinary session to greet crew of the Filipino TV program “to a T” who are visiting Taipei at the invitation of the agency. Sig Aldeen, a Filipino-British actor and host of the program, tried his hands at making the Taiwanese burger – Gua Bao – which consists of a slice of braised pork, sweet peanut powder, and coriander. He also expressed his amazement at the “spicy stinky tofu” that he found delicious despite its pungent smell.

Confident in the prospect of the Filipino outbound tourism market, Deputy Mayor Chen Chin-jun called upon Manila Economic and Cultural Office Deputy Resident Representative Carol L. Aquiro, Taipei Association of Travel Agents chairman Wu Chih-chien, and China Airlines president Wang Chia-chuan to help drive Taipei’s travel industry by luring visitors from the Philippines.Wu believes the visa-free measure will help unlock the potential of the Southeast Asian country’s outbound tourism industry, while spurring domestic travel agencies to develop related products. Wang added that China Airlines plans to launch a promotional campaign offering tourism packages at the Philippines’ travel expos.

Optimistic about the prospect of Filipino market, a series of measures have been implemented to attract visitors from the country, according to TPEDOIT. Statistics indicates that Taiwan sees 201,725 tourist arrivals from the Philippines between January and September this year, increasing by 70 percent compared to the same period in 2016.