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TBS Shortlisted for 4 Major Awards at the Broadcast Golden Bell Awards

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Post date:2019-08-27



TBS Shortlisted for 4 Major Awards at the Broadcast Golden Bell Awards
Director Chen and TBS staff members The shortlist for the 54th Broadcast Golden Bell Awards was unveiled today (August 21), and Taipei Broadcasting Station (TBS) was shortlisted for 4 awards including Best Art and Cultural Program Award, Best Popular Music Program Award, Best Radio Drama Award, and Best Sound Award. TBS would like to thank citizens for their long-term support and recognition, and it will continue to produce quality radio programs for audiences in the future.

Competition of this year’s Broadcast Golden Bell Awards was extremely intense, and out of 771 submissions, TBS was shortlisted for 4 awards: Drama Red Carpet hosted by Chang Hsiao-ying was shortlisted for Best Art and Cultural Program Award; I-Ming Talk Show hosted by Wang I-ming (Wang Teng-mao) and Meizi (Chang Wen-ling) was shortlisted for Best Popular Music Program Award; Taipei Urban Theater – Sakurako’s Choice was shortlisted for Best Radio Drama Award and Best Sound Award. TBS Director Chen Tzu-ming commented that the station has been shortlisted for 4 Golden Bell Awards despite limited resources and manpower; in the future, the station will endeavor to produce high caliber radio programs that cater to listeners’ needs in order to express TBS’s appreciation for their support.

First aired in 2018, Drama Red Carpet contemplates how to strike a balance between traditional and contemporary arts with countless so-called avant-gardism artists constantly demanding innovation, regardless of Taiwanese opera, hand puppet theater, Peking opera, Kunqu opera, Cantonese opera, Vietnamese opera, and puppetry, etc. By visiting traditional and emerging troupes throughout Taiwan, the purpose is to search for the meaning and value of traditional arts!

In addition to paying attention to cultural diversity issues such as traditional opera, new residents, and indigenous peoples, TBS has also invested a lot of efforts in the culture of Taiwanese language. Host couples Wang I-ming and Meizi’s lighthearted, easygoing program Taiwan Chit Chat offers the audience a refreshing night of upbeat chanting and singing featuring popular songs in Taiwan. These include mandarin, Taiwanese, banned songs, election songs, translated songs, choruses, movie soundtracks, toponym songs, and campus folksongs. Furthermore, discussions about distinguished celebrities such as Jonathan Lee and Fong Fei-fei are interwoven into the program alongside moving melodies.

In particular, Taipei Urban Theater – Sakurako’s Choice was shortlisted for both Best Radio Drama Award and Best Sound Award (voice talent by Chen Wen-pin). Sakurako’s Choice is written by Professor Wang Chiung-ling from the Department of Chinese Literature, National Chung Cheng University, using her mother’s life story as the book’s blueprint. Set against the backdrop of an epic era in Meishan, Chiayi during the Japanese Colonial Period, the novel depicts the story of romance, sorrow, separation, and reunion of commoners, as well as the female protagonist Sakurako’s independent, resolute and tenacious demeanor during that era. The program is aired in 3 languages: Mandarin, Taiwanese, and Japanese introducing a novel approach to radio drama and embodying the spirit of cultural diversity and inclusion. In order to authentically present the period-correct ambiance of the program, meticulous attention has been paid to sound design, including sounds of steam locomotives, cattle, and doing laundry by the riverside, etc., thereby creating an immersive sound experience.

TBS is on the air 24 hours a day, producing premium programs all year round so that the audience may listen to the sound of Taipei anytime, anywhere. Please stay tuned to FM 93.1 and AM 1134, listen to the program via the TBS official website or download the iTaipei app and click on TBS. You can also listen to programs that have already been aired at Taipei Broadcasting Station 931 on YouTube!