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Successful Conclusion of the 2020 Taipei Lantern Festival

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Post date:2020-02-16



Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-Je headed to Nangang Station on the afternoon of February 16 to host the closing ceremony of the 2020 Taipei Lantern Festival and parade. Ko pointed out that unlike previous years, this year’s Taipei Lantern Festival joined 2 lantern areas in east and west Taipei via MRT Bannan Line, adopting a double mainline and double main lantern approach on a trial basis. He hopes to infuse a certain degree of innovative elements into traditional festivals that are hosted year after year in an effort to accumulate creative energy, thereby transforming Taipei’s appearance in a progressive manner.

Ko elaborated that today’s activity is held in Nangang, the focal point of his second term as city mayor. He placed emphasis on the West District Gateway Project during his first term, and now it has resulted in noticeable benefits, while the remaining Taipei Twin Towers project is almost finalized and it will be continued. According to Ko, his emphasis during this term is the East District Gateway Project, which is centered on the three-rails Nangang Station. Moreover, since the bus station is also established here, Nangang Station is set to become the transport hub of the East District. Furthermore, the MICE industry (Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center), the biotechnology industry (National Biotechnology Research Park), pop music industry (Taipei Music Center), and cultural and creative industry (Nangang Bottle Cap Factory) will drastically change Nangang’s appearance within the next 3 years.

The mayor reiterated that the future of Nangang will be more modernized and grander than the Xinyi District, and after it is consolidated with Xizhi, Nangang will become the sub-city center of Taipei City, culminating in the most significant transformation of Taipei in the near future. He said with a smile that it is too late to purchase properties in Nangang now because they have all been snatched up by visionaries.

Mayor Ko pointed out that this year’s Taipei Lantern Festival brings together 2 lantern exhibition areas via MRT Bannan Line, hoping to merge 2 radically different landscapes through the Bannan Line. Although Ximending is home to hip culture, it also symbolizes the renaissance of the old city district, whereas Nangang involves the creation of a brand-new city, therefore both regions are rather different. Despite the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak this year, the city government will be fully prepared in a bid to let the public take away the most wonderful memories with them.

Lastly, he expressed that the success of every event owes thanks to many people, so he extended his gratitude to local borough chiefs, organizations, artists, performing troupes and the sponsorship of numerous enterprises for facilitating the Taipei Lantern Festival’s success, for, without everyone’s involvement, success would not be so attainable. For instance, he felt that the performance staged by a well-known children’s theater was not only sophisticated but also emanated the quality and standard of the Taipei Lantern Festival, something that the city government is striving to accomplish.

Ko commented that as the 9-day Taipei Lantern Festival draws to a conclusion, it also marks the end of the joyous occasion. A parade will be held on Nangang Rd. later on, and there will also be a concert at the Taipei Music Center tonight, so it is hoped that everyone will leave with fantastic memories of the Taipei Lantern Festival. Last by not least, he wished everyone good health and prosperity.